Satou Satomi

Seiyuu: Satou Satomi (おさとう缶 The Sugar Can)
Date of original post: 28th November, 2011
Entry type: Full Post

To everyone who attended the K-On!! event at USJ*,
those who were unable to attend and just about
everyone who have loved and loves K-On! alongside us

Truly, truly, thank you all very much.

Doing an event in the rural areas
and in the Kansai region was really
very much fun. (V)o¥o(V)!

There’s just so much I want to talk
about and so many photographs that were
taken… how-e-ver

I’m in quite a bit of a rush this time so I’ve only
got time for being grateful.

The picture today is of my nails during the event.
Rock n’ Roll!! Londooon Londoon!!
are all imprinted on it.
Union Jack!!

I’m looking forward to the movie premiere on the 3rd of December ☆

(Personal note: Is this turning into a K-On blog or something, you moron? [Don’t worry, it won’t. I can’t wait till she posts her actual movie reaction])