I like seiyuu stuff. All the ones I’ve come across seem like genuinely nice people and they’re really fun to read about.

There will be two types of translated posts that I will do which are ‘Snippets’ or ‘Entire Posts’. If I find the post really worth reading word for word, I will translate the entire post, otherwise they will be in a snippet format where I will leave some stuff out. I will probably do entire posts more often than the former.

I listen to seiyuu radio too though not really all that much. I tend to follow just a certain few seiyuus and mostly listen to anime radio shows related to those few.

This blog started out because I wanted somewhere I could post translations to certain posts that I read on seiyuu blogs but don’t really want to setup yet another blog dedicated to a single seiyuu like I did here for Hikasa Youko’s blog ~hiyonikki. Since I prioritize hiyonikki, if I’m behind on hiyonikki, there would likely be no or very few posts on here till I get up-to-date.

I play quite a bit of video games too and if anyone’s up for some shooting games or whatever on the PS3, feel free to add me to PSN, I accept most people if they say something with the invite.

If you wish to contact me regarding anything at all especially if you’ve found an interesting article; either do it at AvvenireA@gmail.com, follow me at my twitter account @La_Avvenire or just leave a comment on this page.

Lastly, please enjoy the blog as I enjoying reading and translating the blog posts.

  1. SleepySlacker said:

    congrats on the new blog!

    • Aurey said:

      Haha, thank you.

  2. andhikasa said:

    i love you blog :)

    P/D: more post of sugar! (sato satomi) ^^

    • Avvenire said:

      Thank you

      I’ll try to do that. Christmas time is going to be really slow for my blogs because I’m having so much fun with my family.

      Merry Christmas!

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