A wish to god and the entire country’s sales people.

Seiyuu: Asakawa Yuu
Date of original post: 10 December, 2011
Entry type: Full Post

Today, at a store that specializes on ladies’ handbags,

I saw an old man

I’m sure he was looking to buy a Christmas present for his wife.

But he doesn’t look like he’s doing particularly well at it.

This is probably not actually a very good way to go about it. Might be better if he went
to a department store’s ladies floor and he’s still be able to find handbags.

He was looking troubled and a little embarassed about all this

having no idea at all which of the bags he should decide upon.

Looking at this bag and then looking at another bag.

It’s only around this time of year when you can see a sight that is as adorable as this.

Seeing someone troubled, I wished for a sales person to come up and
assist him in choosing the right item.
And for adorable people like him, I wish them all happiness.

And I hope people don’t look at someone like this with a disgusting expression.

Deep in my heart, it bothers me when that happens.

I beg you, god.


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