On using time

Seiyuu: Mimori Suzuko (Mimori’s Garden)
Date of original post: 7th December, 2011
Entry type: Full Post

Today is another fulfilling day

Once in a while, we’d be able to take a break from work.
But most times, it would just be 30 to 60 minutes in between. There would be enough time to go around or have some tea and then the break would be over…
However, today we had a pretty long break… So,

We visited a place I love very much “Taiyou no Tomato Men*”. We had some things from the “Evangelion” collaboration menu (*^▽^*)

I ordered the Ayanami Rei Soy Milk Paitan (白湯 lit. White Soup) Noodles

This dish is ridiculously delicious!
Of course, Toku-san** ordered the Asuka Tomato Noodles♪ lol

After we were done with that, we went on to a cute cafe and had tarts
Isn’t that just so girly? lol

Amaou# tarts are also ridiculously delicious ⊂((・x・))⊃

Right then,
I’m going to give my all tomorrow as well!


*”Taiyou no Tomato Men” literally means “Sunshine’s Tomato Noodles” and is a popular chain of restaurants in Japan. Click here if you want to check out what they serve.
** Tokui Sora who is a cast member of Milky Holmes alongside Mimorin.
#Amaou are the name of a type of strawberry grown in Fukuoka. The name is derived from the initials of the words [Akai],[Marui],[Ooki] & [Umai] which means, red, round, large and delicious.


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