Seiyuu: Katou Emiri (英美里の毎日 Emiri’s Everyday)
Date of original post: 2nd December, 2011
Entry type: Full Post

The 26th of November was my birthday!!
Thank you everyone!!

I’ve turned 28 years old♪

Being 28 in my imagination is completely different from the reality of it!!
I feel like I haven’t changed much inside from when I was a student…

Is that good or bad? lol

27 was a wonderful and fulfilling year for me.
And it was all thanks to everyone!

There’s going to be a live performance right when I’ve turned 28. I’ll get to sing songs I didn’t get to before.


Please look forward to it!

This will be my first time performing in Osaka and I’ll do it with all my might. So please come and join in the enjoyment and fun.

Also, the 28 year old Katou Emiri will also be in your care!!

I hope I will be able to paint myself the way I think I should.

[Aurey: Happy Birthday Emirin! Missed it by a while but happy birthday! Why do I keep picking birthday blog posts? lol]


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