K-On! The Movie.

Seiyuu: Taketatsu Ayana (Strawberry Ayana)
Date of original post: 3rd December, 2011.
Entry type: Snippet

I feel a little sad and it’s been in the corner of my mind for a long while now. That this movie might just be the last thing we ever do with a K-On anime.

Being my first ever regular role (VA for a regular character in a series)For the last three years, I’ve been walking side by side with Azusa. [Aurey note: ;_;]

The first time I stepped into this role was for the first season’s episode eight. With the script in my hand, and my legs shaking uncontrollably and my mouth going dry.
When the after recording was completed, I was undeniably glad and my heart was dancing with joy that I was able to deliver what was needed.

Working with K-On, I have received what I feel was more than I could have given. And for that I am extremely grateful.

[All the fragments of my memories] have truly become my treasures (note: she’s quoting Tenshi ni Fureta yo lyrics)

I wish that from now on, I can still walk each and every step, one at a time, alongside Azusa.
From now on, I’ll still always be with Azusa. That’s why I’ll be fine.
I’m not worried anymore.

I’ve still got a lot I want to talk about but, most of all, I would love for everyone to be able to experience and thoroughly enjoy K-On! The Movie.

To those who have come along with us, and have loved K-On as much as we did through all this time. Thank you so very much.
I love K-On!
I love everyone!
Truly, I thank you all.

Note: I’m tempted to translate and post the entire entry but this was all I did when I was reading it.

  1. SleepySlacker said:

    it would be nice if you posted the whole thing… its kinda of touching to see how the seiyuus love the anime as much as we do….

    • Aurey said:

      Most of what’s in between what I posted are just her being grateful about a lot of things. Haha.

      • SleepySlacker said:

        it is the anime that shot those 5 girls to popularity so i guess they are really grateful to it

        • Aurey said:

          Absolutely. She has every reason to be grateful and it is such a lovely and heartwarming show. They’re really lucky to have been able to be part of it. I know if it was me, I’d be overflowing with gratitude.

          • SleepySlacker said:

            yeah it is kinda awesome to be a seiyuu… seeing all the stuff hyocchi does

          • SleepySlacker said:

            i just found out through your twitter that you noe the guy behind ambi seiyuulog? wow the two places i go for translation are related…..

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