To all readers,

Hope you’re having a great start to the weekend. Merry Christmas to those celebrating it. Happy Hanukah to those celebrating this instead and Happy Holidays to all else.

I’m having a great weekend so far. 3 days without having to think about work is pretty refreshing.

Aurey ^^


Hi readers,

Since I’m already translating Hiyocchi’s blog and j1m0ne is translating Toyosaki Aki’s, there probably won’t be many entries from those two blogs on here unless they’re really special.


Seiyuu: Asakawa Yuu
Date of original post: 10 December, 2011
Entry type: Full Post

Today, at a store that specializes on ladies’ handbags,

I saw an old man

I’m sure he was looking to buy a Christmas present for his wife.

But he doesn’t look like he’s doing particularly well at it.

This is probably not actually a very good way to go about it. Might be better if he went
to a department store’s ladies floor and he’s still be able to find handbags.

He was looking troubled and a little embarassed about all this

having no idea at all which of the bags he should decide upon.

Looking at this bag and then looking at another bag.

It’s only around this time of year when you can see a sight that is as adorable as this.

Seeing someone troubled, I wished for a sales person to come up and
assist him in choosing the right item.
And for adorable people like him, I wish them all happiness.

And I hope people don’t look at someone like this with a disgusting expression.

Deep in my heart, it bothers me when that happens.

I beg you, god.

Seiyuu: Mimori Suzuko (Mimori’s Garden)
Date of original post: 7th December, 2011
Entry type: Full Post

Today is another fulfilling day

Once in a while, we’d be able to take a break from work.
But most times, it would just be 30 to 60 minutes in between. There would be enough time to go around or have some tea and then the break would be over…
However, today we had a pretty long break… So,

We visited a place I love very much “Taiyou no Tomato Men*”. We had some things from the “Evangelion” collaboration menu (*^▽^*)

I ordered the Ayanami Rei Soy Milk Paitan (白湯 lit. White Soup) Noodles

This dish is ridiculously delicious!
Of course, Toku-san** ordered the Asuka Tomato Noodles♪ lol

After we were done with that, we went on to a cute cafe and had tarts
Isn’t that just so girly? lol

Amaou# tarts are also ridiculously delicious ⊂((・x・))⊃

Right then,
I’m going to give my all tomorrow as well!


*”Taiyou no Tomato Men” literally means “Sunshine’s Tomato Noodles” and is a popular chain of restaurants in Japan. Click here if you want to check out what they serve.
** Tokui Sora who is a cast member of Milky Holmes alongside Mimorin.
#Amaou are the name of a type of strawberry grown in Fukuoka. The name is derived from the initials of the words [Akai],[Marui],[Ooki] & [Umai] which means, red, round, large and delicious.

Seiyuu: Katou Emiri (英美里の毎日 Emiri’s Everyday)
Date of original post: 2nd December, 2011
Entry type: Full Post

The 26th of November was my birthday!!
Thank you everyone!!

I’ve turned 28 years old♪

Being 28 in my imagination is completely different from the reality of it!!
I feel like I haven’t changed much inside from when I was a student…

Is that good or bad? lol

27 was a wonderful and fulfilling year for me.
And it was all thanks to everyone!

There’s going to be a live performance right when I’ve turned 28. I’ll get to sing songs I didn’t get to before.


Please look forward to it!

This will be my first time performing in Osaka and I’ll do it with all my might. So please come and join in the enjoyment and fun.

Also, the 28 year old Katou Emiri will also be in your care!!

I hope I will be able to paint myself the way I think I should.

[Aurey: Happy Birthday Emirin! Missed it by a while but happy birthday! Why do I keep picking birthday blog posts? lol]

Seiyuu: Itou Shizuka (静◇呑んだくれ日記 Shizuka’s Drinking Diary)
Date of original post: 6th December, 2011
Entry type: Full Post

Thank you for the many congratulations messages (*°Д°*)!!

The many support you have all given, makes Itou a very fortunate person! (*´ ω `*)♪♪

Even at the age of 31, I will keep trying to live the “me”-like way (≧ω≦)♪

The “me”-like way would be..

[Seiyuu, sake*]
When I looked up myself on wikipedia, those were the first two things nearest the
top that would probably catch anyone’s attention. It’s sort of like it’s become part of
the story of my life. (lol)

From now on as well, that kind of “me” is always in your care☆

… while writing this entry and looking at the post entry preview, I actually literally fell asleep… _| ̄|◯

*sake is a Japanese alcoholic beverage.

[Aurey: Congrats from me too! Live life the way you want to! Not the way you’re told! Falling asleep while doing something means you’re getting old! Wohohoho!]